We are there when you need it most! (AUSBAYAREA.COM)

Our office specializes in assisting Attorneys and their clients with urgent needs in their cases. The way it works is that if the Attorney finds a need in the client's case that is outside of the services they provide, they will call us for a quote on what needs to be done. The Attorney will then discuss the issue with the client and provide our quote to the client for the service needed. If the client agrees to the service they are then referred to our site for payment as quoted by us to the Attorney.  Below is a list of just some of the services provided:

  1. Court filing needs 
  2. Subpoena people or documents
  3. Copying CD's, documents, or video
  4. Picking up files from other Attorney offices
  5. Retrieving court records
  6. Conducting investigations
  7. Providing transcript services

Our office works directly with Attorneys only. If you are an Attorney and are in need of one of our services please call and let us know. To distinguish and separate billing for a service that is not included as part of the Attorney's Office representation agreement we accept payments directly from the Attorneys's clients, but only after Attorney referral to our office. 

Below you will find our Paypal payment option. You do not need a Paypal account to pay, any credit card will work.


Client Legal Service

Payment for Clients of Attorneys working with us. The client pays directly to our service so there is no mixing of fees between our service and the Attorney's office.